a new breed of converts

We discerned the signs of a fundamental change and acted in time to create for each of our clients a distinct voice and seamless solutions under one strategic platform.


Hybrid communications Are Essential

It merges timeless wisdom and technology to appeal to and engage with target mindsets, to help expand intelligence and understanding of our clients, and to fulfill needs, wants and desires of our people.


Hybrid Solutions Are Essential

The hybrid communications model we pioneered is essential for

Unlocking the full potential of waning brands because of their absence or lack of distinct presence

Building the image for brands that need innovation to sustain their voices in unpredictable scenarios

Consolidating image for brands already inside the technological space

Our hybrid approach gives brands seamless communications across online & offline channels based on a single strategic platform.


Hybrid Thinking™


In an open-minded culture, we approach our process (Intellect. Imagination. Initiation. Innovation - our four pillars rooted in one common strategic platform) with freedom of thought to be always relevant, but always rooted in foundational insights. Our hybrid solutions, derived from original thoughts, create distinct voices for our clients through seamless communications across online and offline platforms.


our leadership team

Iggy Boustin

Director – Intellect       (click to view)

Original. Focus. Which makes him quite unpopular among the team members who crave personal journeys. His over twenty years’ passion for strategic thinking brings to the brand clarity and focus and helps transform strengths into personality.

Ali Sulaiman

Director – Imagination      (click to view)

An ‘always-seeking-restless soul,’ Ali has now encountered what it takes to reimagine his branding wizardry. Thinking with focus and laying the design foundation for a distinct voice across online, offline channels is a challenge far too profound to resist. Finally, the restless soul has found its purpose.

Vinod Patric

Director – Initiation       (click to view)

Patric is a natural in relationship building. His ability to create rapport with clients and being there for them is his trademark. His vast exposure to the world in his twenty years’ career in Travel and Tourism has carved a name for himself in the industry. Patric opens doors of opportunities for VIN.

Lini Reghunath

Director – Innovation(click to view)

A techy in and out, but a thinker nevertheless. Any tech solution, she believes, should be rooted in the strategy to build the brand personality. With over twenty years of expertise, Lini is a specialist in converging technology and trends .But what gives her the kick is the challenge of innovating for tomorrow

Agatha Boustin

Director –Digital Marketing(click to view)

A young, open and exploring mind, Agatha is a natural observer of trends with a flair for content creation. Add to that a thirst for knowledge and insights. That makes her a perfect fit in our Hybrid Thinking Culture.